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Health and Lifestyle workshops 

Enabling Wellness

Combining the skills and experiences I have gained throughout my career with my passion for educating and supporting people, I offer corporate wellbeing workshops that have the power to transform lives and deliver an abundance of value to organisations through a healthier workforce. 


Having been a top flight professional sportsman (England Lion, Surrey, Middlesex and Worcestershire Cricket Clubs) for over 15 years and an accredited (REP) fitness professional for 12 years, I know first-hand what is required to get your mind and body into peak condition for elite performance. The same skills developed in a professional sporting context can be used to deliver dramatic results in everyday wellbeing, especially health, fat loss and pain management, as well as transforming a person’s general performance, focus and ability to handle stress.


I work with individuals, teams and leaders to deliver a series of workshops that drive behavioural change, build resilience and speed up recovery through insightful and collaborative sessions that explore:

Training Pillars

Understanding the foundations of training to ensure you train smart and use your time effectively 


How to address poor posture in a work environment and create a pain free workforce

Lifestyle, Behaviours and Integration 

Techniques to align your goals with your lifestyle creating good habits

Nutritional Approaches  

Understanding the commonality behind the array of nutritional approaches to design what works for you



Using sporting principles and techniques to boost your performance and what business can learn from professional sports