12 week 121 Nutritional overhaul

  • 12 weekly consultations with Ben 

  • Nutritional advice check-ins 

  • Healthy eating and fat-loss planning

  • Long term habit change

  • Detailed Nutritional analysis

  • Recipes

  • Food strategies 

  • Effective goal setting 

  • Kitchen Clear-out

  • Exercise and movement consultation

  • Lifestyle adaptation

  • Status reports 

8 week Group Nutrition course

  • 8 weekly group consultations with Ben 

  • Nutritional advice emails

  • Healthy eating and fat-loss planning

  • Long term habit change

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Effective goal setting 

  • Lifestyle adaptation

  • Status reports 

JUST £37 per week!! Ditch the takeaway for 8 weeks and learn effective nutrition to meet all your goals. 

If you would like to know when this course is staring please enquire here and register your interest ​


Hundreds of recipes to choose from 


It can be simple it can be complex, it can be bespoke it can be generic, it can be right it can be wrong. The mind literally does cartwheels when we look at our nutrition. In the same Google search you will find "top 5 foods for fat loss" and the "top 5 foods to avoid for fat loss" and find the same foods on both lists which leaves us pulling our hair out!!! Who are we to believe, it's a dining table minefield. If you’re ill you go to the doctor if you’re in trouble you hire a lawyer, if you need help with your health and training you guessed it you go to someone that works in the industry day in day out and sees the results day in day out. 


A realistic approach to nutrition is as important as we are all different, have different likes and dislikes and have different goals. It's about finding a method or way that gets the desired results. It will mean compromises in many cases but it doesn't have to be a gruelling task as the benefits of a good diet way out way the cons.


This is one of the most asked questions in the business, should I take supplements, what should I take, when should I take it, how much should I take and so on. 

Supplements can play a very important part in muscle growth, fat loss but more importantly recovery. It is important however to make sure you are concentrating on your everyday nutrition before you look at buying a stack of supplements. Green tea extracts and protein shakes aren’t going to help burn off a cheeseburger and chips. We have close affiliations with ON one of the leading nutrition supplements companies in the business. 

Fresh Fitness Foods

Fresh Fitness Food is the industry leading provider of fat loss nutrition. Designed for effective and lasting fat loss, this package provides balanced, nutrient dense food tailored to your unique requirements and goals. We focus on placing you in a calorie deficit, but also on providing lean proteins, quality fats and unprocessed foods that are high in fibre. This optimises your diet for fat loss but also helps prevent muscle wastage, maintain energy levels and reduce hunger. Every recipe has been designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant, our team of expert chefs will ensure great taste and fantastic variety, and all of your freshly prepared food with be delivered daily to your home or work. All you have to do is enjoy the food!

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