Know your Christmas Foods!?

Don't be fooled, I will be stuffing my face like the rest of you over Christmas but I thought it might be interesting to know how the Christmas period can effect your fitness goals. Knowledge is the key people! I have done a nutritional overview using calorie counting software of a typical Christmas day (for me anyway) and churned out some scary numbers. Some of you may eat less and some of you may eat more (or drink more!) but this is a rough idea of what your calorie and macronutrient break down might look.

The Fry UP

The fry up can start the day off with a very hefty impact. 58g fat, 108g carbs, 21g sugar, 44g protein and a whopping 1183 calories. That's your total daily requirement of sugar in the first meal of the day. Not to mention your sodium levels being off the charts which sets you up for a bloating day brilliant just what you needed with another 4/5 meals to go!


Right so what does lunch have in store for us? The standard Christmas lunch, 42g fat, 153g carbs, 15g sugar, 54g protein, 1184 calorie. BOOM! Check out the roast potatoes. It may be worth considering not taking that extra one going! Start to consider which hunger you are experiencing at that moment in time? Its not cellular, it's not circadian related its probably emotionally driven by the fact you are having fun and enjoying yourself. This is absolutely not a bad thing but at least be real with yourself.

Leftovers Dinner

This meal could be up for debate. For some of you the timings of the day will effect how big or little this meal is however I wouldn't have thought the calorie count would not be too far off!


This could be the least controlled of the whole day. I have just thrown in a few ideas of some snacks I might get through on Christmas day. Scary hey! If you read my last newsletter you may remember how the drinks can also really top up your daily calorie count.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

There you have it, that's a pretty impressive total. Yes the calories are high but more importantly the quality of the food and the mix of macronutrients is what needs your focus. 152g sugar is almost 7 times your daily intake. Carbs and fats in similar fashion are well above where they should be on a normal day. I'm certainly not suggesting eating a pumpkin seed salad whilst everyone else's fork is dripping in turkey fat, enjoy yourselves by all means but just be aware of what is going on and prepare yourself for the new year fight back!! If this type of day includes extends beyond Christmas day, Boxing day, a few days between then and New Years AND then 50 beers on New Years eve, my advice would be to consider how far back you are willing to put your health goals back. Consider focusing on a few days between Christmas and New Year where you get out and do some exercise and do some healthy cooking at home.

Now that you have all judged me for my 'standard' Christmas day, Cheers and Merry Christmas

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