A new day, A new year a new starts and as they say "every one gets to where they got by starting where they were" which basically means its never too late to start concentrating on

their health and fitness however, concentrating is the operative word!

I wouldn't dream of guessing my tax returns this month, I wouldn't dream of guessing my flight number when I get to the airport for my holidays but guessing and winging a fitness plan is fine..... isn't it? Spare some time to think about how you are going to tackle this year. I encourage you to have a plan of attack and here is a little strategy, some Questions and LIST of things to focus on which will help you achieve your health and fitness goals for 2016.

Lets start with Nutrition

Questions to concentrate on this year are: What food types do you eat? What foods effect your hormone balance? What foods give you energy and which ones take it? Which foods promote muscle growth? Which foods promote fat lose? What supplements should I be taking? Hydration? Worth finding out hey

Put Health at the top of your list!

Things to think about this year regarding your health. What is Liver cleansing? Super foods to eat? What Things should I stay clear of? Injury prevention? Improve your sleep? Dealing with stress better? Relaxation techniques?. Avoiding scams and cons?

Hit the training hard this year!

Male or Female, big or small, Think resistance training this year. Getting your body strong and powerful is not only a great way of improving your shape and losing fat it also makes you fell great. Simple tasks can be made difficult if your body cant cope with them so think about functional movements as well as muscle building exercises. Find a gym buddy, get a personal trainer, or try and helping someone else less fit than you are all great ways of keeping your motivation. Accountability is very powerful, lets face it you don't want to help someone less fit than you by going for runs with them to find that in two weeks time they are lapping you. Great motivation to stay in front.

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