Fat-Loss on autopilot

I could give you the list of foods, a food plan, hell I could even train you everyday but we are what we do most not what we do sometimes so how can I lose body fat on autopilot.

Knowing what’s right to eat or what type of training do is half the battle but the other half is finding the way of implementing it. I would like to introduce to you a simple tool for helping form good habits that can make the right eating and training integrate seemlessly into your life rather than a bolt on.

Habit stacking 

If you haven’t heard this phrase before we are talking about gradually combining a current, fairly solid and useful habit, with a new one. For example: I shower, then clean my teeth, then spray my deodorant, in that order, most mornings. this is a simple example of a routine or habit stack. If i now add something to this and repeat it enough then it will slot into autopilot. Sounds straight forward but we generally don't do this. we see eating well and training hard as singular events something that requires time and allowed space. 

How about this one: I put the kettle on in the morning, while it’s boiling, I put my ground coffee in the caffettiera and wait for it to brew, I take out the 3 bowls for my wife, little girl and me, pop the porridge in with all the goodies (flaxseed, chia seeds, blueberries, walnuts, protein powder etc..) do a 2min stretch, hands to the celling and down to the floor. By the time the coffee is ready the family breakfast is prepped I have a nice loose back and shoulders ready for the day. 

Sound so simple, why are you bothering to tell me this Scotty!?  

The point is I don’t even remember doing it! It was a collection or stack of events that are engrained in my day that mean I have a fully nutritious first meal of the day and a bit of movement without even trying. 

Let me give you another example of one you can try. Zoom calls are a daily thing nowadays. My wife will get through 5-10 calls per day easily. So we bolt on 10 squats after each call it takes 30 seconds but could amount to 100 squats a day. You could do press ups, walk around the garden/house or even just a stretch routine but the point is that once it become ingrained you will barely notice the fact that you are melting though 100 squats a day without a program in sight.

I hope you have a think about this one as re defining your routines is pretty much the answer to most peoples fitness and weight loss goals so give this a try and let me know how you get on. 

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