The Empty room challenge

Ben Scott fitness has fast become the workout program that is relied upon by those guys that need to get results...and need! From elite pro athletes to busy executives to young men and women who want to be leaner, stronger and more explosive YESTERDAY, the program is in a class by itself.

Through it’s specifically timed balance of rest and recovery, the program has been able to ensure 100% lean muscle growth (with simultaneous fat loss) by training your body the way it’s meant to be trained at the frequency it can naturally tolerate to respond best.

By creating unique exercises and workouts that rely on the COMBINED functional effort of lower body, upper body and core…we ca speed up training results by a factor of 10X!

But even then, realising that not EVERYONE has access to fancy gyms, elaborate equipment, or even very much room in the areas of their house dedicated to getting in shape, the most INTENSE, GRUELLING, and sickly REWARDING workout that you could do...ALL IN ONE EMPTY ROOM!

That’s right. No equipment. Just YOU and the walls that surround you.

Empty Room Challenge
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